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A key element to any good relationship is finding mutual success. To that end, Rebel Hill has compiled a team of seasoned professionals and partners to provide the ideal support and level of service to help you reach your goals.


Passion is the driving force behind all entrepreneurship endeavours. At RHC, we take your passion personally. We use an enthusiastic, creative and collaborative approach to help your business reach its fullest potential.


It’s critical to grow your existing relationships while also establishing new ones. RHC can elevate your networking tactics, build relationships on your behalf, or tap its extensive rolodex to identify quality growth opportunities.


We pride ourselves on helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits grow through our unique marketing strategies, thoughtful content creation, unparalleled social media campaigns and much more! 

We’re our clients’ biggest fans. And unlike the sports team we grew up cheering for, in this game, we get to help our team win!

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Walk In Them Shoes
Wealth Our Way
Daralyse Lyons


An important key to RHC’s success is the relationships it fosters with industry partners. Collaboration can often be a driving force that propels you to reach your desired results. Check out my partners at Navitas Marketing, Demystifying Diversity Podcast, and MyNEWPhilly.

We are here to help tell your story and bring your content dreams to life! From commercials to live shows, let’s showcase your brand in stunning video and reach your target market in the most affective and impactful ways possible.